Department Structure

The DPW is made up of six operating divisions, each with specific responsibilities.  Divisions work to support the work of other divisions as well as work closely with the Facilities Department and other town departments to support their activities


The Administrative Division is responsible for overall oversight of the department including planning, budgeting, payroll, purchasing, accounts payable, accounts receivable, the preparation and generation of water bills, and supervision of all employees.  The Division includes the offices of the Director, Deputy Superintendent - Field Operations, Deputy Superintendent - Water Operations, and general clerical staff.  This Division is the initial point of contact for anyone contacting the department by telephone or email. 


The Highway Division maintains and operates the Towns roads, bridges, sidewalks, drainage systems, dams, signs, and pavement markings.  In addition this Division is responsible for street sweeping and maintains the DPW's fleet as well as equipment from some of the Town Departments.  Employees from this division are responsible for excavations during water breaks and major water main jobs.  This division also manages the overall snow and ice operation of the town which pulls together forces from DPW, Facilities, and up to 50 outside contractors during major winter events.

Public Grounds

The Public Grounds Division maintains and operates the Towns parks, cemeteries, traffic islands, and grounds at the Town facilities that are under the control of the DPW.   In addition the grounds division is responsible for roadside brush control and tree work.  This division is the party primarily responsible for prepping the Town for Memorial Day and other major Town celebrations and events.

Transfer Station

The Transfer Station Division operates the Transfer Station, processing 7,100 tons of solid waste a year.

Water Treatment

The Water Treatment Division operates the Town's eight wells and three water treatment plants, treating and pumping 500 million gallons of water a year.  This division is actively working 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to ensure a continuous supply of water.

Water Distribution

The Water Distribution Division operates and maintains the Town's water distribution system, a network of 110 miles of pipes with 1,200 fire hydrants and 1,400 valves.  In addition the water distribution division is responsible for the metering of 5,000 water services and testing of 300 backflow prevention devices.