Hunting Information

The following is information pertaining to Hunting on public Open Space/Conservation parcels in Hanover.

Know the Rules

Hunting Policy

Hunting shall be allowed on two Conservation Parcels known as the Clark Bog Parcel and the Summer Street Parcel, both located off King Street.

Hunting shall be allowed for deer only during deer hunting season each year (“seasons” as determined by the State of Massachusetts) and only with bow and arrow.

All state and local rules and regulations for hunting deer with bow and arrow on public lands shall apply.

Firearms Prohibited

There are no firearms or other hunting weapons allowed on Hanover’s public property. Hunting is not allowed on or from any walking trail. The firing or discharging of firearms or the release of arrows over trails is prohibited. Please contact the Conservation Office at 781-826-6505 or for further information. Know the rules, visit Massachusetts General Hunting Regulations.

Hanover, Massachusetts Allowable Hunting Areas

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