Advisory Committee

The Advisory Committee consists of nine registered voters of the town, appointed by the Town Moderator.  Committee members serve on the committee for a three-year term which ends on July 15, or until a successor is appointed. No person holding an elective office of the town is eligible to serve on this committee.

The Advisory Committee is responsible for reviewing all articles contained in each of the Annual and Special Town Meeting Warrants. The committee’s recommendations for the actions to be taken on each of these articles is presented both verbally and in written form at each of the Town Meetings.

The Advisory Committee is also responsible for making recommendations regarding the annual estimates and expenditures as prepared by the Town Accountant. These recommendations are included in the Town Meeting Warrant along with the town’s Omnibus Budget.

In addition, the Committee submits an annual report in printed form with its recommendations relative to the financial affairs of the town.

Board Members

Name Title
Ted Hickey Chairman
Sandra Hayes Vice Chair
Steven Freedman Member
James Hoyes Member
Steven Kmito Member
Gavin Little-Gill Member
Nick Morwood Member
Gerard O'Hearn Member
Joan Port-Farwell Member