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The Hanover Information Technology Department provides technology services to both Town and School personnel.  Our team of four staff are organized under the Director of Technology Operations who reports to the School Department.  The team is responsible for all aspects of technology design, implementation, and support

We are committed to ensuring the over 2600 students, 300 School faculty/staff and 250 Town employees have an environment that supports their daily online needs while keeping our infrastructure safe.  Our environment encompasses 12 primary sites, 20 servers, 18 Internet connections, 50 switches, 200 wireless access points and over 3500 end devices (laptops, desktops, tablets, projectors, TVs, etc.). 

Our team responds to approximately 3500 helpdesk tickets on an annual basis and undertakes numerous projects to enhance the capabilities of our environment as well as providing new services.

How we help you

Hanover Technology Monitoring ConsoleThe Technology Department continues to improve it's monitoring of the various components that make up our network infrastructure.  Using a Rasberry Pi device as well as freeware and existing management tools we have setup a monitoring console in our office to visually alert us if something is not working as expected.  We are monitoring thousands of data points across over 100 internal devices as well as monitoring external services such as Google and other external web services critical to our operations.  In addition to this visual monitor, we have automated alerts for critical systems and functions so the technology team is alerted 24/7/365, if a critical system goes offline.  On an almost weekly basis, we identify a dozen new data points to monitor and add those to our systems.  This ensures that we can address issues as they arise and minimize disruption to our community, staff, and students, both in the schools and town offices.


Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Bill Hartigan Director of Technology 781-878-0786 ext 5010
Thomas Nee Computer Coordinator 781-878-0786 ext 1017
Karen Waters Network Administrator 781-878-0786 ext 5026
Matt Suckow Computer Technician 781-878-0786 ext 5012