Planning Board

The Hanover Planning Board is a five member elected Board which was first established at the March 1930 Annual Town Meeting, and reestablished under the provisions of Massachusetts General Laws (M.G.L.) Chapter 41, Section 81A, entitled “Improved Methods of Municipal Planning” at the March 1938 Annual Town Meeting.  The Planning Board also has two associate (alternate) members.


The Planning Board studies the needs and resources of the Town, particularly those conditions affecting public safety and welfare related to land use and development. The Board is authorized to consider applications for site plan review and for reviewing applications pertaining to the Rules and Regulations Governing the Subdivision of Land in the Town of Hanover. The Planning Board is the “custodian” of the Town’s Zoning Bylaws. The Board is responsible for establishing the Zoning Bylaws and for conducting Public Hearings and making recommendations relative to amending those Bylaws (most amendments to the Zoning Bylaws are both authored by and sponsored by the Planning Board). Under the provisions of the Town’s Zoning Bylaw, the Planning Board is the primary Special Permit Granting Authority for the Town. Another large part of the Planning Board’s responsibility is to research and develop the Town’s Master Plan and ensures that any growth in the Town is consistent with that plan. The Master Plan covers such elements as land use, housing and economic development, natural resources, open spaces, services, and transportation. The Planning Board is also responsible for the official Town map and Zoning map. Recently the Planning Board and the Planning Department have begun developing the Town’s GIS Data System.

Board Information

  • Annual Town Election Required
  • Full members are elected five (5) year terms; Associate members are appointed two (2) year terms

Board Members

Name Title
MaryAnn Brugnoli Chairman
Ken Blanchard Member
Meaghan Neville-Dunne Member
Giuseppe Fornaro Member
Bernie Campbell Member