Board of Library Trustees

The Trustees of the John Curtis Free Library make general operating and administrative policies. The library director supervises the internal management, daily operation and procedures of the library. The board acts as an agent of public trust governing the library. The library director exercises professional judgment under the direction and the review of the board to implement the goals, objectives and policies set by the board. A trustee board and the library director work together as partners.  The Board meets the second Thursday of every month at 3:00 pm, unless otherwise noted.

All meetings during the COVID-19 State of Emergency have been cancelled indefinitely.

Legal Responsibilities

  • Works closely with municipal officials.
  • Responsible for custody and management of the library (unless otherwise provided by municipal charter or special legislation).
  • Seek municipal legal counsel when needed (with Director).
  • Follow all local, state, and federal laws and regulations which affect public libraries (with Director).

Governance and Policy Making Responsibilities

  • Hires and evaluates the director unless otherwise dictated by state or local laws.
  • Adopts library policies and plans, and board by-laws and procedures.
  • Approves and supports budget.
  • Reviews reports; stays informed; represents the community.
  • Notifies appropriate authorities of board vacancies.
  • Develop and review priorities for the library (with Director).

Financial Responsibilities

  • Reviews director’s budget request; makes recommendations and officially adopts budget.
  • Actively supports and advocates for budget.
  • Reports annually to municipal officials on trustee controlled funds.
  • Keeps informed of the financial status, funding sources, and needs of the library.
  • Present and defend budget requests to municipal funding authorities (with Director).
  • Attend all budget hearings (with Director).
  • Seek additional sources of funding (grants, private, other) (with Director).

Strategic Planning Responsibilities

  • Approves strategic plan.
  • Actively participate in strategic planning (with Director).
  • Involve community in the planning process (with Director).
  • Conduct community analysis and survey of library services (with Director).
  • Review and evaluate the plan (with Director).

Human Resources Responsibilities

  • Hires and evaluates director unless otherwise dictated by state or local laws.
  • Determines and advocates for optimal salary and benefits for employees.
  • Adheres to personnel policies.
  • Conducts annual review of board performance.
  • Observe all local, state, and federal laws that relate to current em-ployment practices (with Director).
  • Orient new trustees (with Director).

Continuing Education Responsibilities

  • Creates and adopts a policy that demonstrates a commitment to the importance of continuing education for all staff and trustees.
  • Provide and encourage ongoing learning opportunities for staff and trustees (with Director).
  • Encourage and financially support membership and active participation in professional organizations (with Director).

Board Members

Name Title
Elaine Shea Treasurer
Jeanne Cianciola Chairman
Emily Blampied Secretary