Bylaw Review Committee

Revisions, or additions, to the Town’s General Bylaws may be proposed by either petition – 10 Residents; or Town Boards, Commissions, Department Heads, or Officers. They appear as Town Meeting Articles – either at scheduled Annual or Special Town Meetings.

Though the Committee accepts proposals until the Board of Selectmen close the Town Meeting Warrant, we strongly encourage parties requesting either revisions, or additions, to do so at their earliest convenience. This insures our Committee’s ability to review, and provide guidance to sponsors, as well as comply with State Law and/or Town Bylaw.

Upon receipt of proposals, our Committee:

  • Establishes contact with the proposal sponsor
  • Reviews the proposal, and asks questions to clarify issues
  • As required by State Law, holds a Public Hearing(s) to address Resident or Town concerns regarding the proposed change
  • Makes a final recommendation
  • Presents that recommendation to the Town’s Advisory Committee
  • Presents recommendations at Town Meeting, as necessary.

In addition, the Committee annually reviews the Town’s General, and Sign Bylaws; recommends and sponsors changes, as necessary.

Please reference “Links” (this page, lower left) to access
guidelines to assist both Residents, and Town Officials, with this process. Included are:

  1. Guidelines - Residents
  2. Guidelines - Town Boards, Dept. Heads
  3. Formatting - Bylaw Revisions or Additions

The Committee is committed to assisting in the review of such proposals.

Please contact the current Chairperson with any questions that you may have.

David Ladd, Chairperson
Stepehen Tucker
Eric Grundt
Robert Quirk

Board Members

Name Title
Stephen Tucker Chairman
Eric Grund Member
David Ladd Member
Robert Quirk Member
Donald White Member