Board of Health

The Board generally meets twice a month. Upcoming meeting dates and times are posted on the Board of Health and Town Calendar.  Appointments are scheduled every 15 minutes. Please contact the Health Office for more information: 781-826-5000 ext 1024

The Board of Health was established by state statue before the turn of the twentieth century. The Board is made up of three (3) elected members who volunteer their time to ensure compliance with federal, state and local regulations. These regulations maintain the safety of public health and the environment through field work, inspections, approval and permitting of regulated activities, public education and policy setting. Board members are elected for a three year term with no limit to the number of terms that they may serve. The board and it's staff administer the rules and regulations of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and the Federal Government as set forth by the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) in the areas of wastewater disposal, solid waste, noise, odor, and hazardous waste regulations and the Department of Public Health (DPH) through its community sanitation program in the areas of food protection, lead abatement, camps, pools, housing, infectious waste, tanning, and infectious and contagious diseases and Food and Drug Administration (FDA) through the food protection program. Through public meetings, a Board of Health can enact reasonable health regulations (pursuant to M.G.L. Chapter 111§ 31) and the office has local regulations concerning wells, body art, massage, catering, barns and stables, keeping of domestic animals, piggeries, local septic regulations, and infectious and hazardous waste. The Board sets fees and enacts policies and practices concerning not only human public health but also animal health.

Plans for new construction (septic, pools, camps, food, housing and building additions) are submitted to and approved by the Health Agent. Any variances from the codes and regulations require approval by the Board. The time frames stipulated for approval is designated in many regulations but generally ranges from 30 days to 45 days.

The Board is also responsible for the investigation and control of infectious and contagious diseases in humans, animals and insects. The office provides vaccine to many of the medical practices in Hanover and partners with the VNA to offer adult immunizations clinics for flu, pneumonia, and tetanus. The VNA also provides a public health nurse to provide follow-up to reports of infectious or contagious disease. We also partner with Roberts Animal Hospital to provide the annual Rabies Clinic for cats and dogs in the spring. We work closely with the Animal Control Officer to monitor the health of domestic animals, livestock and wildlife.

Board Members

Name Title
John Dougherty Chair, Term expires 2019
Gabrielle Mahoney Board Member, Term Expires 2020
Delshaune Flipp Board Member, Term Expires 2021