Town of Hanover Mobile Integrated Health Pandemic Response Plan 4/14/20 »

The Town of Hanover and the Hanover Fire Department are pleased to announce that the Massachusetts...

Hanover High School 2020 Senior Car Parade »

This evening, the Hanover Police Department will be escorting the Hanover High School Class of 2020 through the town as...

Public Works 2020 Roadway Reconstruction/Paving Schedule »

The Town of Hanover, through its contractor T.L. Edwards, will begin our 2020 Road Rehabilitation/Paving Projects the...

Mandatory Water Restrictions, May 2020 »

In accordance with Hanover's Water Management Act Permit (9P3- 4-21-122.01) and to ensure adequate and sustainable...

Fields and Athletic Facilities Reopening »

Starting today, May 26, 2020, the Town of Hanover has reopened fields and athletic facilities. This includes the tennis...

Town of Hanover Memorial Day Ceremony 2020 »

Today, we would normally find Americans observing parades, enjoying cookouts in the company of family and friends, and...

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