Conservation Commission

Applications and Plans Submissions

All applications submitted to the Conservation Commission, including plans, must be submitted in electronic format using with a single paper copy of the full application packet and payment of fees submitted to the Conservation Office.  You may also use the new permitting software (OpenGov) which is now available for Requests for Determination of Applicability and Notices of Intent- contact the Conservation Agent for instructions.  Both methods require a complete submission and payment of fees at least 14 days prior to the public hearing date (excluding holidays). The deadline to act on the application does not start until the completed online application, electronic copies, and hard copy documents are received by the Conservation Agent. The Commission meets on the last Wednesday of each month unless otherwise noted on the Conservation web page. As of this update (11-04-21), the Commission's meetings are available via remote attendance using Zoom with attendance also available at Town Hall in the second floor meeting room.  Each Agenda will include Zoom meeting instructions for remote attendance. 

About the Commission

Seven volunteer Hanover residents are required for a full Conservation Commission.  This includes five voting members, and two associate members.  Each member is appointed by the Town Manager for a period of three years with approval from the Selectboard.  Their main mission is to protect the natural resources of the Town of Hanover.  In order to do so, their actions are based on State and local laws that protect wetlands and waterways.  The type of permits that are issued are contingent upon the type and extent of each project.

Conservation Commission members attend an average of 12 meetings throughout the year.  Currently, the Commission meets regularly on the last Wednesday of every month.  In order to make informed decisions, members also attend scheduled site inspections. 

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Sandra MacFarlane Conservation Agent 781-826-6505 (Email preferred:

Board Members

Name Title
Lisa Satterwhite Vice Chairman
Robert Sennett Hearing Officer
James Vaille Commissioner
Brian McLoone Chairman
Mahendra Patel Commissioner
Otis (Duke) Magoun Associate Member
David Sawin Associate Member