The Commission is aided by a Conservation Agent who is experienced in the administration of all applicable wetlands protection laws, wetland on-site review, and land management.  It is the responsibility of the Conservation Agent to obtain and disseminate accurate information to the Commission to help them make informed and fair decisions for their fellow residents and all who apply for decisions from the Commission.  

The Conservation Office, located on the 2nd floor of Town Hall, is open during regular work hours of the Town Hall.  On-site meetings and property inspections may be scheduled during those hours to meet the needs of applicants who propose projects.

In addition to permitting, the Conservation Commission, along with the Open Space Committee, is responsible for oversight of over 1,000 acres of protected public lands.  Both committees work together to preserve, protect, and maintain these sites for their natural beauty, abundant wildlife, and enjoyment for all.

Preferred Contact

The best way to communicate with the Conservation Office is through email. Please send your correspondence and messages to Sandra MacFarlane, Conservation Agent, at

Wild Seed Project

Wild Seed ProjectWild Seed Project ethically collects and sells seeds of wild and uncultivated forms of native plants and educates the public through our interactive website, engaging events, and annual magazine, Wild Seed. They share information and bring people together around native plant conservation and horticulture to engage citizens in promoting native plant populations and restoring biodiversity. Learn more at

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Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Sandra MacFarlane Conservation Agent 781-826-6505 (Email preferred:
Irene Coleman Assistant Town Planner 781-826-5000 ext 1026
Derek Vozzella Executive Administrative Assistant 781-826-5000 ext 1058