Backyard Conservation

Backyard Conservation can be as simple as putting up a bird feeder or bird bath in your yard. Helping the wildlife through the winter is one of the greatest gifts you can give your family and your town. Preserving the nature of Hanover through the protection of it’s environment is something that will benefit current and future residents as well. The Commission highly recommends the use of home composting bins, rain barrels, and recycling of all reusable materials for every household and business in town. The Conservation Office has many brochures available on this topic and can help with initiating recycling efforts for homes, schools and community organizations. We have also increased our efforts to provide the Library and local schools with as much information as they can use and thanks to the internet and generous Federal Agencies such as the USDA, US Department of Agriculture, we can now provide educational posters, brochures, teaching kits, and more at no charge. Please stop by the Conservation Office for your free copy of “Backyard Conservation" or use the link below to get a pdf version.