Open Space Committee


The Hanover Open Space Committee was chartered to ensure that the town's rural character is maintained and enhanced both through protection of existing resources and acquisition of new properties.

The Open Space Committee meets regularly on the 1st Monday of each month at 7:00 pm at Hanover Town Hall.

Current Committee Members

Mary Dunn, Co-Chair, Citizen at Large
Hal Thomas, Co-Chair, Citizen at Large
George Mallard, Citizen at Large
Wally Kemp, Citizen at Large
Judy Grecco, Citizen at Large
John Ferraro, Citizen at Large

Hanover Open Space Trails

Trail Locator Map

Hanover Trail Locator Map

1. Chapman's Landing and Iron Mine Brook Trails 8. Luddam's Ford Park Trails
2. Colby-Phillips Trails9. Melzar Hatch Wildlands Trust (Cross Country) Trails
3. Denham Pond Trails10. Morrill A. Philllips Sanctuary & Firehouse Loop Trails
4. Fireworks Trails11. Plain Street and Pine Island Trails
5. Folly Hill and Bog Iron Trails12. Senior Center, Nava-Stasiluk, & Tindale Bog Trails
6. Forge Pond and French's Stream Trails 
7. Indian Head River Trails