Information About Preserving Your Land

The Hanover Open Space Committee (OSC) is responsible for planning and facilitating the improvement of open space, enhancing access to open space, and raising awareness of land use issues. In 1999, the OSC initiated the Hanover Greenway Project to establish a continuous walking trail from Hanover High School to Luddam’s Ford. The OSC has built trails, bridges and boardwalks, using volunteer labor and grants, that have given Hanover residents greater access to the great outdoors.

The OSC is also interested in protecting land that is environmentally sensitive, could be used for passive recreation, or is important for conserving the look and feel of the town.  Our goal is to retain the natural beauty and heritage of the town we live in, and love.

Unfortunately, Hanover is rapidly losing its open space and small town character due to development. In response to this concern, in 2005 the voters of Hanover passed the Community Preservation Act (CPA) which provides funding for the purchase of open space.

There now may be alternatives to selling land to developers. If you are interested in preserving your land for the future as open space, please contact any member of the Open Space Committee, listed above. We may be able to help.

We would also like to hear from you if you are simply interested in more information on the work of the Committee.