Current Projects

Proposed Torrey Brook Footbridge

The Hanover Open Space Committee is proposing to improve access to over 100 acres of public land.  Over 3 miles of existing walking trails in South Hanover will become more accessible to residents.  The new foot bridge will replace an existing makeshift foot bridge making it easier and safer to access  trails through a public right of way located across from Pocahontas Lane and between the properties at #67 and #83 Samoset Drive.

Click here to view the Student Conservation Association (SCA) Americorps Application for this project. 

Greenway Project Report

Greenway Project Report

This report was prepared by the Open Space Committee which details the Committee's ongoing effort to develop a Town-wide greenway trail/network. 

Click here to view a map of the developing Hanover Greenway and photographs along the trail. 

Open Space Plan

The Open Space Committee is hoping to develop a new Open Space & Recreation Plan (OSRP) in 2016/17 with funding provided by the Community Preservation Committee and Town Meeting. 

Click here for more information.