Guidelines for Residents

To facilitate review, and discussion, please provide the Committee Chair with the following:


  1. Residents proposing changes or additions to General Bylaws must do so “by Petition”. For an Annual Town Meeting - ten (10) Resident signatures are required. For a Special Town Meeting - one hundred (100) Resident signatures are required. Forms are available from the Town Clerk’s Office, 550 Hanover Street.
  2. Upon completion, and certification, by the Town Clerk, provide a copy of the“Petition”
  3. Identify Sponsor: In this case: “By Petition”
  4. Identify Contact Person(s): Please include name, email, and/or tel. numbers. Moving forward, the Committee Chair will initiate communications with this designee.
  5. Identify proposed change or addition.
    1. For Bylaw revision: Current Bylaw number, and Section(s) affected; and specific language change(s)
    2. For new Bylaw: State specificlanguage

Proposal Impacts

  • Recommended is Sponsor consideration of the following questions referencing proposal impacts. Please note that similar questions are likely to be asked on Town Meeting floor. Our experience tells us that addressing these issues aids your preparation, our review, and support for your proposal on Town Meeting floor.
  • Identify reason(s) for revision or addition.
  • Will the proposal address the problems identified?
  • Does your proposal conflict with other present General Bylaws?
  • Who is impacted? Residents? Town Departments, Boards, Commissions?
  • Who is responsible for implementation, and/or enforcement? Is this a change?
  • Are there operational costs associated with the revision or addition?
  • Are there new or additional permit or inspectional fees?
  • Are there new or additional penalties for non-compliance?