Formatting for Bylaw Revisions or Additions

Revisions or additions to the Town’s General Bylaws appear as either Town Meeting or Special Town Meeting articles. The Committee requests that Sponsor’s provide us with a “draft” proposal, in the appropriate format, as part of yoursubmission.

“Drafts” are subsequently reviewed and approved “as to form”, by Town Counsel, prior to inclusion in the Town Meeting warrant.

To further assist in this process, we recommend review of previous Town of Hanover Annual Town Reports. These reports contain Town Meeting articles from the previous year, including examples of “approved” formatting to address your request.

Annual Town Reports are available, for review, at: Board of Selectman’s Office, 550 Hanover Street, Town Clerk’s Office, 550 Hanover Street, an on this website.

We are pleased to assist with this process. Please contact the current Committee Chair with requests.