The Facilities Division is responsible for the physical maintenance, capital development, and daily custodial services for all schools and municipal facilities of the Town of Hanover. Our daily goal is to maintain the Town’s facilities assets in the best condition attainable while providing the safest and most environmentally friendly conditions possible for the students and employees of Hanover and the visiting public.


The responsibilities of the Facilities Division are widespread and diverse. Maintenance responsibilities involve every piece of infrastructure, seen and unseen, inside and outside a facility.  Custodial responsibilities involve, not only cleaning and disinfecting but also providing support services for building occupants, including furniture moves, function setups, and building security. In addition, the Division is responsible for compliance with government regulations, contracting for and overseeing numerous contractors, energy acquisition and management, and capital projects.

Submitting Maintenance and Custodial Service Requests

All Hanover Municipal and School Employees may submit requests for maintenance needs and custodial services for their offices, classrooms, etc. using the Facilities Division's online request form. Please select the link “Requests For Maintenance and Custodial Services” in the left column for instructions.


  • Under the Director of Public Works, the Facilities Division administration consists of a Senior Facility Engineer and a full-time Administrative Assistant.
  • The Maintenance Section consists of a Maintenance Foreman supervising 3 Skilled Maintenance Workers.
  • The Custodial Section consists of a Custodial Foreman supervising 21 full-time Custodians, 6 part-time Custodians, and several on-call substitute Custodians.

Staff Contacts

Andrew Cardinal

Senior Facility Engineer