Construction Stormwater Pollution Prevention

Stormwater and the Construction Industry

Stormwater Pollution Prevention

Construction Stormwater: A Big Problem

Rain falling on construction sites with disturbed soils can wash off into wetlands, streams or onto paved surfaces that drain to waterways. Construction activities are a major source of erosion and water pollution.

Be a Responsible Contractor

By taking common-sense, often low-cost actions before and during construction, you can protect our waterways, and earn a reputation as a responsible contractor.

Get Your Permit and Don’t Get Sued!

All construction sites in MA that disturb an acre or more of earth must apply for a “Construction General Permit” from the US EPA. Local rules vary from community to community, but many communities in our area require a town stormwater permit when you disturb as little as 2,500 square feet of earth. Cities and towns actively monitor for violations and can take enforcement action, shutdown projects, and levy fines. In many cases, third party lawyers and environmental groups can also sue contractors who don’t comply with construction stormwater permits. When they do, contractors pay the other side’s legal costs, plus penalties, plus the cost to correct problems.

Learn More

Contact the town where your project is located for more on local rules and technical assistance. Learn more about the stormwater and the EPA Construction General Permit at