Leaf Litter

Leaf Litter

Don't Blow Your Leafs

Don’t blow, sweep, or dump grass clippings and yard waste into streets or storm drains. Leaves in storm drains create blockages that can cause flooding. Storm drains also go directly into our water bodies without any filtration. Fall leaves contain lots of natural fertilizer which can pollute our rivers and streams. So mulch, compost, or use other proper disposal methods sanctioned by your town, just DON’T BLOW IT!

Keep Fallen Leaves Out of Streets

Do not blow or rake leaves, grass clippings, brush, and tree branches into the street. These will leach nutrients into stormwater runoff and contribute to pollution in our waters. Leaf litter can also plug storm drains and increase flooding issues. Instead, mulch or compost yard waste away from streams or other waterways, or dispose at your local landfill.

For more tips on how to be WaterSmart, go to WaterSmartSouthShore.org.