Highway Division

DPW TractorThe highway division operates with a staff of nine employees and an annual budget for FY19 expenses of $726,8950.  The snow and ice operations are funded through an additional appropriation of $550,000.


Operate and maintain the roadway network including:

  • 89 miles of roads
  • 65 miles of curbing
  • 35 miles of sidewalks
  • Several hundred signs
  • Thousands of feet of traffic markings (lines, crosswalks, stop bars, etc.)
  • 11 bridges
  • Over 100 culverts

Operate and maintain the drainage network:

  • 2,800 catch basins
  • 1,300 manholes
  • Thousands of feet of drainage pipe
  •  Drainage ditches, rivers, and streams

Operate and maintain the Town's dams:

  • Hackett's Pond Dam
  • Factory Pond Dam
  • Forge Pond Dam
  • Curtis Crossing Dam (Luddams Ford site)

Additional Services

Rebuild roads, Provide fleet maintenance services for most town vehicles, Provide excavation and trucking services for other DPW divisions, Operate the Town's centralized fuel management System, Manage the snow and ice control program.

2019 Road Work Plans

Highway Maps and Documents