Street Opening Permits

The Department of Public Works issues Street Opening/Access Permits through M.G.L Chapter 164, Section 70, 74 and Hanover General By-Law #6-23.  Permits are required for any physical work within the Town's Right-of-Ways which includes, but is not limited to: excavation work, utility maintenance/service activities, curb cut/driveway work, utility pole installations, etc.

During our review of these permit applications to ensure that the proposed work is in compliance with Town Construction Standards, the DPW ensures that the complete application at a minimum includes:

  1. Access plans at an appropriate scale which clearly shows all proposed work;
  2. Proper insurance Certificates;
  3. Dig-Safe Excavation Notification;
  4. Required Permit Fees

Permit Applications can be downloaded here.

A map showing locations where work has been permitted this calendar year through the DPW is shown below:

Street Opening Map