Fees and Forms


For application and permit forms, visit the Massachusetts Department of Fire Services Division of Fire Safety


Fees are payable by check (to the Town of Hanover). Cash payment is also accepted.

Fire Alarm and Inspection

Residential [ALL][MGL 148 s26E, MGL 148 s26F/26F1/2]

$50.00 / unit

Commercial – Renovate Existing

[530 CMR s10, MGL 148 s27A]

$50.00 / unit

Sprinkler System Permit and Inspection

Repair or alteration to System [ALL][MGL 148 s27A]$50.00

Fuel and Flammable Storage/Use

Oil Burner installation/Alteration [ALL]

[MGL 148 s27A]

Residential  AST/UST Removal[MGL 148 s38A]$50.00 / tank
Commercial UST Removal[MGL 148 s38A]$100.00 / tank
Flammable Liquid Storage[MGL 148 s10A]$30.00
Lp Gas Installation and Storage[MGL 148 s10A]$40.00
Propane Cylinder for Exchange[MGL 148 s10A]$50.00 annually
Blasting and Explosives[MGL 148 s10A]$50.00
Fireworks Display- Permit[MGL 148 s39A]$100.00 / event
Fireworks Display-Detail [4 hour minimum][527 CMR 2.10 (3)]FD Detail Rate
Hazardous Materials Storage $50.00
Tank Truck Inspection     [527 CMR 8.03 (2)]$50.00
Cutting and WeldingNFPA1 s41.5;;41.3.4$50.00
Misc. Permits[MGL 148 s10A]$30.00
Vent free Gas Appliances[527 CMR 30]$40.00


Application For License[MGL 148 s10A, s28]                                          $50.00                                                                 
Demolition of a Structure[MGL 148 s10A, s28]$30.00

Inspection or not ready on date scheduled

[MGL 148 10 A. s28]



Inspections [Quarterly][MGL 148 s4]$50.00
Inspections [Health Care Facility][MGL 111 s51]$50.00
Detail [As Required - 4 hr minimum[MGL 148 s28]$50.00

Commercial Building Plans Review

[Town Engineer Review]

[530 CMR 1]Reference Schedule

Commercial/Residential Building Plans Review

[No Town Engineer Review]

[530 CKMR 1]$100.00
Site Plan Review-Commercial  $100.00

Site Plan Review Residential

[6 or more residences]


Site Plan Review-Residential

[Up to 5 residences]

Site Plan Review- Retreat Lot $50.00
Records Search- Public Records[950CMR 32.06]$25.00
Records Search- Ch. 21E Site Assessment[950 CMR 32.06(1)(9c)]$25.00
Copies $0.25 / page