School Resource Officer

The Hanover Public Schools School Resource Officer is a Hanover Police Officer who works full time in the Hanover Public Schools.  The SRO is a presence at all K-12 schools in HPS and an integral part of the staff of each school.  The Hanover Public Schools SRO serves as part counselor, part teacher, and part law enforcement officer, providing a valuable mentor and resource for all students in the Hanover Public Schools.  

Officer John Voelkel has served as the School Resource Officer in Hanover since the position was created in 2015.  To contact officer John, please email [email protected]

Safety & Security

We are committed to the safety of our entire school community.  We work every day to provide a safe environment for all students, staff and visitors.  We have Emergency Response Plans modeled from the National Incident Management System (NIMS) developed by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.  All schools practice emergency drills.  We work closely with police, fire, and emergency personnel to prevent and plan for emergencies.  Principals, teachers, and other school staff are trained to respond to emergencies.

The Hanover Public Schools and the Hanover Police Department agree that student violence and substance abuse are national and societal problems reaching into our community.  To maximize the effectiveness of our efforts to achieve a violence-free and drug-free community, we recognize that the coordination and cooperation of the community as a whole are essential.  Therefore, the Chief of Police, with the support of the Hanover Board of Selectmen, and the Superintendent of Schools with the support of the Hanover School Committee, pledge to follow the agreed-upon procedures for communicating incidents of verbal and physical assault, intimidation, bullying, threats, harassment, hate crimes, sex crimes, possession of weapons and arrests or charges filed related to the use, possession and/or distribution of drugs and alcohol.