Lost Pets and Animals

MailboxOctober 12, 2023
Owner NameLisa DiGravio
Email Addresslisamarie82771@yahoo.com
Phone Number781-733-2732
Type of PetCat
Pet NameScarlet
Date LostOctober 12, 2023
Location Last Seen185 Washington Street, Hanover, MA
Coat ColorTorti
Approximate Age10 Years

She is friendly, fluffy, no chip, has asthma, and needs shots

Photo(s)Lost Cat Scarlet
ScarletOctober 13, 2023
Owner NameLisa Lopes
Email Addresslopeslisae@gmail.com
Phone Number781-424-8797
Type of PetCat
Pet NameMailbox
Date LostAugust 20, 2023
Location Last Seen702 Main Street
Coat ColorBlack/Gray/Tan
Approximate Age8 Years

Female long-haired, stripy black and gray cat with a tan belly.

Photo(s)Lost Cat Bead
BeadJune 5, 2023
Owner NameChristina Frattasio
Email Addresstinascamp@hotmail.com
Phone Number617-584-3066
Type of PetCat
Pet NameBead
Date LostJune 5, 2023
Location Last Seen1168 Main Street, Hanover, MA
Coat ColorLight gray with orange flecks
Approximate Age2 Years

Small cat with grey and orange fur, timid, has a small bump on the top of her head in between her ears.

Photo(s)Lost Cat Bead
DestinyMay 9, 2023
Owner NameMelissa Evans
Email Addressmae.1220@hotmail.com
Phone Number617-947-8796
Type of PetCat
Pet NameDestiny
Date LostMay 9, 2023
Location Last Seen888 Broadway
Coat ColorTiger stripe brown and black
Approximate Age7 Years

Indoor cat; Last seen at home but may have found a way outside. She is very shy and skittish. Larger cat with short legs.

Photo(s)Lost cat Destiny
ArchieOctober 18, 2022
Owner NameMolly Egan
Email Addressmolly.egan0077@gmail.com
Phone Number339-788-7558
Type of PetCat
Pet NameArchie
Date LostOctober 18, 2022
Location Last SeenHoward Street; Millbrook Drive, Rockland, MA
Coat ColorLight and dark tones of orange / Orange
Approximate Age1.5 Years

He’s a very friendly kitty; loves to play; loves belly rubs and treats! Please contact me if you happen to see Archie!! We miss him so much

Photo(s)Missing Cat Archie
BagheeraOctober 11, 2022
Owner NameLilly
Email Addressbagheera54j123@gmail.com
Phone Number413-388-6590
Type of PetCat
Pet NameBagheera
Date LostOctober 11, 2022
Location Last SeenHubbard Library, Ludlow, Massachusetts
Coat ColorBlack
Approximate Age6

She is an outside cat and ran away when I was getting solar panels on my roof. She has yellow eyes and is completely black.

Photo(s)Missing Cat Bagheera
ChanelAugust 14, 2022
Owner NamePeggy Sacchetti
Email Addresspsacch57@aol.com
Phone Number781-654-5016
Type of PetCat
Pet NameChanel
Date LostAugust 14, 2022
Location Last SeenCorn Mill Way, Rockland, MA
Coat ColorTiger Spots
Approximate Age4 Years

Chanel is a female Tiger with spots and a black stripe down her back

Photo(s)Missing Cat - Chanel
HulkMarch 14, 2022
Owner NameJessica
Email Addressjessicalynnbowers26@gmail.com
Phone Number508-345-6781
Type of PetCat
Pet NameHulk
Date LostMarch 14, 2022
Location Last SeenOld Town Way
Coat ColorGrey
Approximate Age3.5 Years

Hulk is a large gray striped cat with long fur and a fluffy tail. He has green eyes.

Photo(s)Missing Cat - Hulk
BubblesFebruary 20, 2022
Owner NameJill Gosselin
Email Addressjillian.gosselin@gmail.com
Phone Number781-706-6021
Type of PetCat
Pet NameBubbles
Date LostOctober 23, 2021
Location Last Seen88 Cross Street
Coat ColorGrey
Approximate Age8 Years 

8-year-old female spayed grey medium-haired cat. Answers to Bubbles. Friendly. Chipped, but not active.

Photo(s)Lost dog
SophieSeptember 6, 2021
Owner NameKayla McGurrin
Email Addresskmcgurrin18@gmail.com
Phone Number781-941-0937
Type of PetShnugg (pug and mini shnauzer)
Pet NameSophie
Date LostSeptember 6, 2021
Location Last SeenOlde Forge Road, Hanover, MA
Coat ColorTan with black ears
Approximate Age11 Years

She is wearing a purple harness, has wirery hair like a schnauzer, has black ears

Photo(s)Lost dog
KairiNovember 10, 2020
Owner NameKaren Gill
Email Addresskargi5@verizon.net
Phone Number781-630-1607
Type of PetCat
Pet NameKairi (Previously Harley)
Date LostJuly 22, 2021
Location Last Seen22 Gail Road, Hanover, MA
Coat ColorDark Callico
Approximate Age7 Years

Domestic Short Hair; Main color is black with tan markings on face and body; Green eyes.

New to our home, please call with any sightings.

Photo(s)Lost cat
StormyNovember 10, 2020
Owner NamePeter Daniel Asnes
Email Addressasnesp@yahoo.com
Phone Number781-635-0917
Type of PetCat
Pet NameStormy
Date LostNovember 10, 2020
Location Last Seen290 East Street, Hanover, MA
Coat ColorBlack
Approximate Age9 Years
DescriptionTypical black cat with green eyes; About 10 pounds; Some fuzzy short hair
Photo(s)Lost cat
SonieAugust 27, 2020
Owner NameRashmi Vasudeva
Email Addressrashmivasudeva@yahoo.com
Phone Number617-792-9854
Type of PetCat
Pet NameSonie
Date LostAugust 27, 2020
Location Last SeenRockland, MA
Coat ColorFawn golden / orange
Approximate Age10 Years
DescriptionSonie is a Persian long haired cat, like a lion color golden / fawn / orange
Photo(s)Lost Cat Sonnie


February 14, 2020
Owner NameRaelyn Pierce
Email Addressraelyn.pierce65@gmail.com
Phone Number508-245-7660
Type of PetDog
Pet Name


Date Lost

February 14, 2020

Location Last Seen

Union Street, East Bridgewater, MA

Coat ColorWhite and Brown
Approximate Age6

Black nose, brown eyes, 65lbs, Australian Cattle Dog Mix



January 24, 2020
Owner NameTess Ewen
Email Addresscaspasclaw@gmail.com
Phone Number857-526-7030
Type of PetCat
Pet NameCaspa
Date LostJanuary 24, 2020
Location Last SeenWinter Street, Hanover, MA
Coat ColorWhite and Gray
Approximate Age9 Years
Description9-year-old, 14-pound spayed female.  She is white with some gray on her face and a small patch of gray/black on her right side. Tail is gray and black like a raccoon.
Photo(s)Missing Cat Caspa Missing Cat Caspa
GoombaJanuary 24, 2020
Owner NameTess Ewen
Email Addresscaspasclaw@gmail.com
Phone Number857-526-7030
Type of PetCat
Pet NameGoomba
Date LostJanuary 24, 2020
Location Last SeenWinter Street, Hanover, MA
Coat ColorTortie/Tux
Approximate Age9 Years
Description9-year-old 12-pound female spayed polydactyl
Photo(s)Missing Cat Goomba