Campaign Finance Reports

According to the Office of Campaign and Political Finance, "campaign finance law (M.G.L. Chapter 55) is a comprehensive statue governing the financing of political campaigns in the Commonwealth at the state, county, district and municipal levels.  The Federal Election Commission administers campaign finance issues as they apply to federal candidates."  At the local level and in Hanover, the Town Clerk administers the campaign finance law and serves as a resource for candidates and residents who have questions and/or need to understand the law as it may apply to them.

Candidates for local election and political committees file organizational forms (Form M101) and are required to fill Form CPF M102 with the Town Clerk on or before each reporting date.  Candidates and treasurers are responsible for the legality, validity, completeness and accuracy of each of their reports.  The M102-0 report may be filled out by candidates who do not have a political committee organized on their behalf, have not received any contributions, spent any money, maintained a balance, or incurred any debts.

For more information about the campaign finance law and related processes, please contact the Town Clerk's Office. 

Below, please find recent campaign finance reports for Hanover candidates and their committees.  Reports are due for candidates on the ballot in any given year 8 days prior to the election, 30 days after the election, and at the end of the calendar year.  For incumbents not on the ballot, only year-end reports are due that particular year.  Unsuccessful candidates still have to file a 30 day post election report, but then they can "dissolve" their committee as long as they do not have a balance.  Reports must still be filed for unsuccessful candidates who do have a balance. 

The consistent practice of adding these reports to the town's website was begun in during the second half of 2014; previous reports may be viewed on paper in the Town Clerk's Office.  If a report date does not have a linked report attached to it, the candidate did not file that report with the Town Clerk's Office.  If you think a report has been filed and the link may be missing, please let us know.


Mark K. Anderson - Selectman05-04-201806-11-201812-31-2018   
Lawrence Bandoni - Library12-31-2014     
John Barry - Selectman12-31-201405-04-201806-11-201812-31-201812-31-2019 
Brian Barthelmes - Selectman10-29-201312-31-201312-31-201405-01-201506-08-201512-31-2015
John L. Benevides - Public Works12-31-201404-01-2015 12-31-201512-31-201612-31-2017
Emily Blampied - Library04-29-201606-06-201612-31-201612-31-201712-31-201805-03-2019

Kenneth Blanchard - Planning Board

MaryAnn Brugnoli - Planning Board06-06-201612-31-201612-31-201712-31-201805-03-201906-10-2019
Thomas Burke - Housing Authority12-31-201512-31-2014    
Diane Campbell - Housing Authority05-02-2014     
Christopher Carney - Selectman04-28-201706-05-201712-31-2017   
Jeanne Cianciola - Library04-28-201706-05-201712-31-201705-04-201806-11-201812-31-2018
Elizabeth Corbo - School Committee05-01-201506-06-201512-31-201512-31-201612-31-201705-04-2018
David Delaney - Assessors12-31-201412-31-201512-31-201604-28-201706-05-201712-31-2017
David Delaney - Selectman05-01-201512-31-201512-31-201604-28-201712-31-2017 
Richard DeLuca - Planning Board12-31-201405-01-201506 08 201512-31-201512-31-201612-31-2017
Emmanuel Dockter - Selectman04-29-201606-09-201612-31-201604-28-201706-05-201712-31-2017
John Dougherty - Board of Health12-31-201412-31-201612-31-201712-31-201805-03-201906-10-2019
Harold Dunn - Selectman12-31-2014     
Meaghan N. Dunne - Planning Board05-04-201806-11-201812-31-201812-31-2019  
Kevin Dyer - School Committee12-31-2014 04-29-201606-06-201612-31-2016 
Christopher Falco - Assessors04-28-201706-05-201712-31-2017   
Christopher Falco - Public Works04-28-201706-05-201712-31-2017   
Richard Farwell - Board of Health12-31-201405-01-201506 08 201512-31-201512-31-201612-31-2017
Delshaune Flipp - Board of Health05-04-201806-11-201812-31-201812-31-2019  
John Geary - School Committee12-31-201405-01-201506-08-201512-31-201512-31-201612-31-2017
Frank Greco - Assessors12-31-201405 01 201506 08 201512-31-201512-31-201612-31-2017
Catherine Harder-Bernier - Town Clerk06-10-201312-31-201312-31-201412-31-201504-29-201606-06-2016
Robert Heywood - Public Works12-31-201405-01-201512-31-201504-29-201606-06-201612-31-2016
Richard Kearney - Library12-31-2016     
Jocelyn Keegan - Selectman04-28-201706-05-201712-31-201712-31-201812-31-2019 
Anthony Losordo - Planning Board12-31-201412-31-201512-31-2016   
Ruth Lynch - School Committee05-02-201412-31-201412-31-201512-31-201604-28-201706-05-2017
Nancy Lyons - Assessors06-06-201612-31-201612-31-201712-31-201805-03-201906-10-2019
Gabrielle Mahoney - Board of Health04-28-201706-05-201712-31-201712-31-201812-31-2019 
William Marriner - School Committee12-31-201212-31-2014    
Robin McLaughlin - Board of Health05-02-201412-31-201412-31-201512-31-2016  
Leah Miller - School Committee4-29-201606-06-201612-31-201612-31-201712-31-201805-03-2019
Kimberly Mills-Booker - School Committee05-02-201412-31-201412-31-201604-28-201706-05-201712-31-2017
Lance Mortland - Planning Board06-09-201412-31-2014    
Kara Nyman - Planning Board04-28-201706-05-201712-31-2017   
Robert O'Rourke - Selectman06-08-201012-31-201412-31-201512-31-201604-28-201706-05-2017
Daniel A. Pallotta - Selectman05-04-201806-11-201812-31-2018   
Louis Paradis - Planning Board12-31-201412-31-201512-31-2016   
Michael Phillips - School Committee12-31-201412-31-2015    
Joseph V. Polsinello - Public Works12-31-2014     
Jeffrey Puleo - Planning Board12-31-201404-29-201606-06-201612-31-201612-31-201712-31-2018
Joseph Salvucci - Selectman05-08-201012-31-2014    
Diane R. Sawin - Town Clerk05-03-201906-10-201912-31-2019   
Susan Setterland - Selectman12-31-201405-02-201406-09-201412-31-201512-31-2016 
Elaine Shea - Assessors12-31-201805-03-201906-10-201912-31-2019  
Elaine Shea - Library12-31-201412-31-201512-31-201604-28-201706-05-201712-31-2017
Robert Shea - Assessors12-31-2014     
Joan Thomas - Library12-31-201405-01-201506 08 2015   
Douglas Thomson - Moderator12-31-201405-01-201506-08-201512-31-201504-29-201606-06-2016
Matthew Tocchio - Planning Board05-04-201806-11-201812-31-2018   
Louis Truscello - Public Works12-31-201412-31-201512-31-201604-28-201706-05-201712-31-2017
John Tuzik - Selectman04-29-201606-06-201612-31-201612-31-201712-31-201805-03-2019
Lynn White - Board of Heath04-28-201706-05-201712-31-2017   
Yes on Center Sylvester School09-23-2016


Gary W. Young - Planning Board04-28-201706-05-201712-31-2017