Strategic Plan

As Hanover continues to grow the COA decided it was necessary to develop a formal strategic plan for the following reasons:

  • Substantial growth in Hanover's 55 and older population.
  • The need to provide the appropriate space and programming for our 55+ population.
  • Hanover offers many advantages for aging inplace.
  • To work with Town of Hanover to develop strategies that are commitmentsto those 45 years of ageandolder to help stay in the community.
  • To help seniors to deal with increasing health challenges.
  • To fill gaps in social networks.
  • To make living in Hanover more affordable for seniors.
  • Expected growth in demand for services due to the growth of the 55 and older population.
  • A potential impact on all aspects of community life that goes beyond the scope of the COA and the need for all Town offices to incorporate recognition of the growing senior population in its planning

The Strategic Plan