Winter Weather Preparedness

Hypothermia DiagramFor residents of Hanover, it is important to be prepared for extreme cold temperatures. The website,, gives safety advice and preparedness tips for a variety of issues that could result from extreme cold weather.

Preparing for Winter Weather

Being prepared for inclement winter weather is essential for safely making it through a winter storm. Follow weather for Hanover for current conditions. The Insurance Information Institute and the National Weather Service are valuable resources for learning how to prepare your home and automobile for winter.  Keep your home and automobile stocked with emergency supplies at all times and do your best to get all needed items before weather becomes too dangerous to drive in.

During Winter Weather

After preparing for a winter storm, it is essential to know how to properly withstand the elements and be educated on how to survive once the dangerous winter weather has hit.


If you find yourself short on supplies or without adequate heating to remain safely in your home, Hanover has a sheltering system that can be utilized. Be knowledgeable about the location and protocol involved with the sheltering system before inclement weather strikes. If Hanover opens a warming/cooling center or a full shelter, you will be notified via the CodeRED system and 95.9 FM WATD.

Health Hazards

In winter storms, most deaths and injuries are not directly related to the storm itself, but from other factors that are indirectly related to the storm. It is equally important to become familiarized with hypothermia and its deadly consequences. Call 911 immediately if you believe you or a companion has hypothermia.

DrAutomobile Winter Readyiving Safety

The Department of Transportation says that an average of 6,253 people are killed each year and another 480,000 are injured due to weather related accidents. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is a good resource for tips on driving safe in winter weather.