Processes & Procedures

The Board relies on the professional and the clerical staff to administer the permitting process. Many applications require field work or site inspections prior to submitting plans. Please contact the office for information.

Applications for approval for septic, wastewater treatment, food establishments, camps, semi-public or public pools and rental housing require four sets of plans, a plan review fee and an application fee. All other applications require two sets of plans. Those establishments that require an annual operating fee must submit the first year's fee at this time. All plans and applications must be complete before being processed.

Plans for new construction or remodeling and expansions- septic, pools, camps, food, housing and building additions- are submitted to and approved by the Health Agent. Any variances from the codes and regulations require approval by the Board. Time frames stipulated for approval is designated in many regulations but generally ranges from 30 days to 45 days.