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Abatements, Exemptions, Property Tax Returns, Income and Expense

Motor Vehicle and Trailer Excise Abatements

Please provide all documentation along with this application. Your request can not be processed without providing information concerning your plate (cancel/transfer/lost) and what happened to your vehicle (sold/traded/donated/totaled). For more information regarding Motor Vehicle Excise, click on the following link:

Real Estate and Personal Property Abatements

Note: Before you file, please be aware you will need to wait until you receive your 3rd quarter tax bill (January time frame) before you consider filing for an abatement. The application will need to be filed with the Assessing Office on or before the date the "actual" or 3rd quarter tax bill is due.

Your 3rd quarter tax bill reflects the market-adjusted "actual" assessed value for the fiscal year. The value on your 1st and 2nd quarter tax bills is an estimated value based on the prior fiscal year's assessed value. The application below has more information on who may file an abatement and the reason abatements are sought.

All businesses in town must file this form to report personal property on site as of January 1st of each year. The form must be filed by March 1st unless an extension has been requested and approved. Please read the attached form for instructions and information about what to report each year. The Assessing Office is always available to answer questions.

Other Property Tax Returns 

Income and Expense Forms

All Income properties in town must file Income & Expense forms each year. Please see the cover letter for more detailed information. This applies to Commercial/Business, Industrial, and Rental properties.

For Real Estate Exemptions

(Veteran, Elderly, Blind, ...)

Miscellaneous Forms