Parks, Fields, and Athletic Facilities

B. Everett Hall Field

B. Everett Hall Field is located next to Center and Sylvester Schools.It includes two baseball fields and a softball field. Next to the field is Hall Park, which consists of the B. Everett Hall Playground, two full court basketball courts, a tennis court, and the Sergeant Michael C. Chesna Hockey Rink.

Located at 495 Hanover Street.

Briggs Field

Briggs Field is usually used for tee-ball and situated next to the historic Briggs Stables. This stable has belonged to the Briggs family since 1854 and still is to this day. The field itself is across from the Hanover Town Hall.

Located across from the Hanover Town Hall and First Congregational Church of Hanover.

Ceurvels Field

Ceurvels Field is located off of Myrtle Street and is named after Arthur “Art” Ceurvels. The field consists of a basketball court, lacrosse, soccer, and baseball fields. Along with this, the wooded area behind the fields contain parts of the trail network in Hanover.

Located off of Myrtle Street.

Ellis Field

Ellis Field is home to four of Hanover’s little league baseball fields. The fields are named after Calvin J. Ellis Jr., who was born in Hanover on January 24, 1921. During World War II, he was a First Lieutenant Bombardier in the U.S. Air Force. He was killed on April 4, 1945, in Germany. Ellis was awarded European Theatre Ribbon with four Bronze Stars, Air Medal with three Oak Leaves, Presidential Citation with Oak Leaf Cluster, and the Purple Heart.

Located at 746 Circuit Street.

Forge Pond Park

From walking to athletic events Forge Pond Park is used regularly by the members in our community. This is the Town of Hanover's first tournament-based facility with three baseball fields, three softball fields, three multi-use fields, and a concession stand.

Gallant Field

Gallant Field is named after Amos Gallant and used to be home to the Curtis School. The Curtis School was funded by John Curtis and was originally built as just a small schoolhouse in 1878. It served as an elementary school until 1953 when it would be changed to the town Police Station. Today, Gallant Field is home to a little league baseball field.

Located at 848 Main Street.

Ludden’s Ford Park

Ludden's Ford  Park has been home to a handful of important Hanover historical locations such as the Curtis Anchor Forge during the 1700's and the Clapp Rubber Mill, which was created in 1873, making it the largest in the entire country. The 22-acre area is named after James Ludden who guided Governor John Winthrop in 1632 across the river to visit the Governor of Plymouth Colony William Bradford. This site has been used for its hiking and walking trails for years along with fishing, kayaking, paddling, and picnicking in the beautiful nature that is Ludden’s Ford.

Located at 243 Elm Street.

Sergeant Michael C. Chesna Hockey Rink

Sergeant Michael Chesna was a police officer in the Town of Weymouth. He was also a six-year U.S. Army veteran who had received the Purple Heart. Chesna lived in Hanover with his family but was killed on July 15, 2018, while on a call trying to find an out-of-control driver early in the morning. The Build the Boards hockey rink which opened in September of 2021 was named in tribute to Michael C. Chesna.

Located at the B. Everett Hall Field.

Sylvester Field

In July 2021, in collaboration with the Town of Hanover, Wildlands Trust completed the purchase and permanent protection of one of the region’s most beloved and iconic properties: Sylvester Field (formerly known to locals as Robinson Field). Encompassing a small pine grove and 660 feet of frontage on Third Herring Brook in Hanover’s Four Corners neighborhood, Sylvester Field’s highly-visible 10-acre meadow and stone wall bordering Washington Street is a cherished part of the town landscape. It has both historical and ecological value and has long served as an agricultural, recreational, and aesthetic resource for the community.

Learn more about Sylvester Field. Visit the Wildlands Trust website and read an article by Amy Markarian, "Historic Hanover Field Permanently Preserved", August 11, 2021.