Hanover Town Meeting and Override Update 5/6/24

School and Town Seals

This message's purpose is to clearly define the service level differences between the base budget (Article 8) and the override budget (Article 9) that will be voted on at tonight's Annual Town Meeting.

Please review the service level reductions to each department for Fiscal Year 2025 if the override is not approved.

The first vote is at the Annual Town Meeting on Monday, May 6, 2024, at 7:30 pm at Hanover High School. This vote determines spending for the subsequent year for all Town departments, including the school department.

The second vote will be decided at the Annual Town Election on Saturday, May 18, 2024. The override question will be Question 1. This vote provides for the increased funding necessary to support the override budget.

Please use our Proposed FY25 Override Tax Impact Estimator to view your estimated property tax increase necessary to fund the proposed override budget.

School Department ($2,747,725)

  • Elimination of approximately 27 teachers and 41 total positions with impact at every level
  • Increased class sizes in grades 1-12. Approximately a 20% increase in class size at the elementary level 
  • Reduction of staffing at the secondary level that would reduce options for elective classes, Advanced Placement offerings (which will impact student GPA and college credit), as well as a negative impact on counseling and college planning services
  • The override budget includes funding for two reading specialists, a special education teacher, a speech and language pathologist, and an adjustment counselor required to meet educational obligations
  • Reduction of district leadership, which would lead to reduced oversight, reduced communication, safety and security concerns, and reduced support for teachers and staff
  • Reduction of instructional materials, which includes a freeze on new technology and basic supplies and cuts to texts, materials, and software licenses. This would also negatively impact art, music, and athletics
  • The override budget includes $174,000 in full-day kindergarten (FDK) tuition relief for families for FY25 (a savings of $1,250 per FDK student next year)

Fire Department ($178,371)

  • Eliminating 1 Fire Fighter/Paramedic position
  • Reduction in shift strength (from 6 to 5) = 15% of the time
  • Reductions to the Call Firefighter program

Police Department ($93,828)

  • One less officer on patrol at least 12hrs/day
  • Reduction of civilian clerk personnel

Finance Department ($116,812)

  • Elimination of 1 FTE
  • Delay in financial reporting
  • Elimination of any back-up support in the Finance Department

Community Services ($132,353)

  • Reduction to Veterans’ Benefits
  • Loss of Behavioral and Mental Health Veterans Program

Department of Public Works ($363,228)

  • Stormwater budget moved to the Water Enterprise Budget
  • Zero wiggle room in the budget for unanticipated costs, events, etc.

Library ($25,908)

  • No increase is possible for extending Saturday hours for the summer.

Town-Wide Expenditures ($522,199)

  • ½ year assessment for ROCC (Regional Dispatch) contract – added pressure on the FY26 operating budget to fully fund

Additional Information and Resources

Thank you for taking the time to review this important information.


Joe Colangelo
Town Manager

Matt Ferron
Superintendent of Schools