Hanover 2024 Town Meeting Update 5/6/24

Town Meeting Night 2

Over 1,000 Hanover voters attended the first night of the 2024 Annual Town Meeting! Hanover’s Annual Town Meeting will reconvene on Tuesday, May 7, 2024, at 7:00 pm at the Hanover High School Auditorium and Gymnasium.

Town Meeting Information

  • You must check in prior to entering the meeting rooms and you must be a registered Hanover voter and physically present to participate in Town Meeting.
  • The auditorium and gymnasium, linked by audio/visual capabilities, will accommodate the expected number of attendees.
  • Attendees are asked to carpool if possible. Additional handicapped parking spaces will be made available near the high school's front entrance.
  • Town Meeting will not be accessible via Zoom, but viewers may watch live on the Town of Hanover's social media channels and on Hanover Community Television.

Warrants and Annual Report

Proposed Proposition 2 ½ Override

Budget and Town Meeting Presentations

Parking and Accessibility

Parking will be available at both Hanover High School and Cedar Elementary School parking lots. Additional handicapped parking spaces will be accessible at the front and rear entrances of the high school.

Ways to Watch Live

If you are unable to attend the Town Meeting in person, you may watch the meeting live through the following channels. Remote participation will not be available.