Dental Insurance

Annual Enrollment Information:

If you are already enrolled in the Delta Dental plan through the Town, and are not making any changes for FY18, no action is required on your part.

If you are a new enrollment for dental insurance through the Town, or making a change to your existing coverage, i.e., changing from an individual plan to a family plan, or cancelling your dental insurance, you do need to fill out and enrollment and change form, sign, and return to the Payroll and Benefits Office.

Enrollment Form:

Delta Dental Enrollment Form

Payroll deductions for all July 1, 2017 dental insurance will begin with your first paycheck in June.

General information:

Town of Hanover employees who are regularly scheduled to work 20 hours or more are eligible to enroll in the Town's dental upon hire, annual enrollment (April), or a qualifying life event.

The Town offers dental insurance through Delta Dental of Massachusetts.

Delta Dental Enrollment Form

Delta Dental Premier Voluntary Enhanced Table Plan Rate Sheet

Delta Dental Premier Voluntary Enhanced Table Plan

Delta Dental Rollover

This valuable benefit feature allows you to roll over a portion of your unused spending to increase your maximum benefit limit next year.  To qualify, you must receive at least one cleaning or one oral exam in the plan year.   Also, your paid claims must not exceed the maximum "threshold" amount of your current annual plan maximum.

Delta Dental Rollover Information

For additional information about Delta Dental of Massachusetts, visit their website listed below.