The Hanover Historical Commission is the town's agency responsible for identifying, evaluating and protecting the historic and archeological assets within the town, maintains the inventory of the town's historic assets and administers specific statutes that protect historic properties.

The Hanover Historical Commission was formed in 1983 to oversee the preservation of the historical elements of our Town.   The Selectmen appoints 5 members, each of which holds a 3 year term.  The Board is composed of an architect, a real estate person, a member of the Hanover Historical Society, and two members at large.
The Commission meets monthly and cooperates with the Planning Board, Building Inspector, Assessor, Historical Society, and other groups and individuals who might seek their advice.  The Board suggests appropriate names for new subdivisions, reviews applications for demolition permits from the Building Inspector, receives applications for the installation of "date boards" for old houses and works to preserve the historical and pastoral atmosphere of this fine New England town.
The Commission administers Section 6-26 of the town's bylaws, "Preservation of Historically Significant Buildings," by reviewing demolition permit applications for structures older than 75 years. The Commission may determine that a structure is historically significant and is empowered to delay the demolition of significant buildings by up to one year while preservation alternatives are explored. For more information, please see links.

Board Members

Name Title
Peter K. Johnson Chair
John Goldthwait Member
Caleb Estabrooks Member
Christopher Haraden Member
Charles Minott Member
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