About the Veterans Service Officer

James Crosby, Hanover VSOLance Corporal James Crosby, USMC (Ret.) was born in Boston and raised in his hometown of Winthrop, Massachusetts. Upon graduating from Dom Savio Catholic School in East Boston in 2002, he immediately enlisted into the United States Marine Corps, following in his father’s footsteps. 

James has served his country with honor. As a Purple Heart recipient, James understands and reflects the shared sacrifices and dedications made by all of our veterans. While deployed to Al Anbar province in Iraq James was severely wounded from enemy fire. On March 18th at approximately 2200, James was in the back of a seven-ton truck that was hit by 122mm rocket fire, four Marines including James were wounded, and one of these Marines, Andrew Brownfield, was killed instantly. Within a few days, James was in the ICU at Bethesda Naval Hospital where he underwent many surgeries before being transferred to the West Roxbury, VA, where he would begin his extensive rehabilitation. 

Shrapnel from the enemy rockets hit James in the back below his flak jacket piercing his spinal cord and much of his intestines; from that day forward, he would learn to live his life with the use of a wheelchair. But from the moment he was capable of speaking many noticed that he still maintained his will to go on with the mission. While in the ICU Massachusetts Congressman Ed Markey asked if there was anything he could do to help. This conversation would later turn into legislation that would pass under the 2005 DOD Bill as the Special Pay Crosby-Puller Wounds Compensation Bill. This bill fixed the issue of combat-related pay being cut from service members after being airlifted from a combat zone. 

James, later went on to work for the Massachusetts Department of Veterans’ Services under the leadership of Secretary Tom G. Kelley, Medal of Honor recipient. While there he was in charge of outreach and started a suicide prevention program that is still running today named SAVE (Statewide Advocacy for Veterans Empowerment). For five years James ran this program that assisted all veterans to gain access to care through extensive case management and referral and saved many veteran's lives that were at risk of suicide. Furthermore, James spent four years as the Director of Veterans' Services for the Abington-Whitman Veterans District.

Additionally, James co-founded a Congressionally recognized National 501c19 War Veterans' Organization, the American Infidels VMC, that helps to raise funds for other wounded veterans and their families which he still does to this day. James Crosby continues to advocate for veterans by mentoring other veterans in their communities on how to make a positive change in their neighborhoods across the United States. 

As the newly appointed Veterans Service Officer for the Town of Hanover, James Crosby is eager to assist resident veterans and their families; by providing information, access, and advocacy.