Treasurer / Collector

The Treasurer/Collector's Office processes all other types of receipts, disburses all payroll and vendor payments, and handles the collection of tax titles (tax liens). The Treasurer/Collector is also responsible for the issuance of all short and long term debt.

Real Estate and Personal Property Tax Due Dates
February 1stFiscal Year 3rd Quarter - Actual
May 1stFiscal Year 4th Quarter - Actual
August 1stFiscal Year 1st Quarter - Preliminary
November 1stFiscal Year 2nd Quarter - Preliminary

The Town of Hanover Director of Finance is Lincoln Heineman. For all tax/collection inquiries please contact the general office line at 781-826-2316 or email us at

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Lincoln Heineman Director of Finance/Treasurer Collector 781-826-5000 ext 1000
Gayle Lowry Assistant Treasurer 781-826-5000 ext 1014
Holly Sullivan Senior Deputy Tax Collector 781-826-5000 ext 1015
JoAnne O'Connor Senior Clerk 781-826-5000 ext 1036