Elections and Voting


Visit the Secretary of the Commonwealth's Elections and Voting page for more information regarding voting in Hanover. All four precincts vote at Hanover High School, 287 Cedar Street.  For information regarding how to vote when you arrive at the polls, please read the following press release: Manner of Voting Press Release.

Presidential Primary

March 3, 2020 Presidential Primary

Town Election

May 9, 2020 Annual Town Election

State Primary Election

September 1, 2020

State Election

November 3, 2020


Election Results

Historic First Annual Town Meeting and Election

Held in Hanover on March 2, 1728

Election Workers

All town employees who are hired to perform the job as an election workers are required to read and understand the information in the Election Worker Training Manual.  Additional copies of this manual are available in the Town Clerk's Office.

Citizens who are interested in serving as a paid election worker are encouraged to check the Town of Hanover Current Employment Opportunities for job opportunities.

Campaign Finance

The Massachusetts Office of Campaign and Political Finance (OCPF) provides excellent guidance on this issue and makes the entire process very user friendly. Municipal candidates who are interested in learning about the process should can view the Getting Started Guide.  You will find links to organization forms, campaign finance report forms, and a summary of the campaign finance law as it appears in the OCPF guide booklet.

All candidates for elective office and sitting officials in elected office positions are required by law to file campaign finance reports every year.  Active candidates have several additional deadlines that must be met during campaign season. Local officials file these reports with the Town Clerk. All reports are available for public inspection during normal business hours.

Towns are required to post campaign finance reports on the municipal website for local candidates who have had over $1000 in expenditures or collected over $1000 in revenue in a single reporting period.  In Hanover, this practice began in 2013.  Additionally, as an added best practice, Hanover began posting Campaign Finance Reports for all candidates and elected officials in the second half of 2014, regardless of the amount of expenditures or receipts.