Snow and Ice

The Department of Public Works snow and ice activities are driven by a written snow and ice plan.  This plan describes the Town's goals, processes, and chain of accountability.  The plan is revised annually based on discussions with stake holders, a review of the Town's goals, a review of previous year activities, and a review of the resources and technology that are available.


  • If you have an emergency during a storm, please dial 911.
  • To report a downed power line, please dial 911.
  • To report a power outage, please dial 800-322-3223.
  • Non-emergency calls should be directed to the DPW Office 781-826-3189.

Please locate the nearest fire hydrant after a storm. Depending on the amount of snow that is received, some hydrants may become buried. With over 1,200 hydrants in town, we ask for your assistance in shoveling out the hydrants after storms to ensure that the fire department won't be delayed in finding them if necessary.

To ensure their safety, please keep children and pets back away from the streets when the Town's snow removal equipment is in your area. 

Snow and Ice History

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