Open Data Project

The page is provided as part of the Town of Hanover's continuing efforts to increase transparency.  Additional data sets will be posted as they become available.

Where there is a CSV at the end of the link name, data is provided in a comma separated format.  This information is tabular data suitable for importing into a spreadsheet or other type of program that is capable of importing a comma separated format.  CSV files are pure text files.  The first line is a header record showing what is in each column.

All data is for general use only.  While we strive for accuracy, there may be situations where data contains errors.  The Town of Hanover makes no warranty on the validity of the data and is not responsible for its use outside of our own operations.

Water Quality Data

Pond Street WTP Raw Water Quality

Beal WTP Raw Water Quality

Beal WTP Finished Water Quality

Broadway WTP Raw Water Quality

Broadway WTP Finished Water Quality