Traffic Notice: New Stop Sign Installations

Broadway and Cross Street Intersection Improvements

Intersection Improvements at the intersection of Broadway and Cross Street are well underway. Please take notice that as part of these intersection improvements, there will be new all-way stop signs installed at this intersection as a safety measure.  The current tentative date for installation and this new traffic pattern is during the overnight hours of Tuesday, October 15, 2019.

Under the current configuration, motorists encounter stop signs on the northbound and southbound lanes of Cross Street. The new configuration will include stop signs on Broadway in the eastbound and westbound lanes, making the intersection an all-way stop.

This new stop condition on Broadway will be marked by new flashing “STOP” signs, new pavement markings, and new “STOP AHEAD” signs.  Additionally, there will be variable message signs temporarily installed on Broadway to alert motorists approaching the intersection of the new stop condition.

The Town asks the public to please use caution and follow all-way-stop rules when approaching the intersection.  Thank you for taking notice of, and obeying traffic rules at, these new all-way stop signs.