Broadway and Cross Street Intersection Improvement Update

Construction Update: October 16, 2019

Intersection improvements at the intersection of Broadway and Cross Streets are well underway.

Recently through our contractor, the Town has completed:

  • Installation of new granite curbing at the intersection radii;
  • Installation of new pavement markings;
  • Installation of new signage
  • Incorporation of a new all-way stop condition;
  • Removal of excess asphalt;
  • Design and installation of on-site drainage improvements;
  • Some site grading and restoration work.

Additional work is scheduled to be performed by the Town’s contractor in the coming weeks, including installation of new asphalt berm, additional pavement markings, and limited pedestrian improvements to include installaton of new concrete accessible ramps and limited sidewalk work.

Myettes Intersection

Myette's Intersecton Aerial

Myette's Intersection Aerial
Myette's Stop Sign

Myette's Stop Sign Intersection

Myette's Intersection Stop Signs