Why does it take so long to complete some projects?

Massachusetts General Laws dictate a very formal process by which the Town specifies and bids jobs to deliver the best value for the taxpayers.  Our contractors are all highly qualified and have committed to completing the work.  Sometimes the sequencing of projects dictate when certain contractors can do their work.  In particular, final paving on jobs cannot be completed until drainage adjustments and curbing adjustments are completed.  Weather delays can also  impact schedules, as can a backlog of work for some of the contractors who are also working in other communities. We are obviously frustrated that we cannot provide the exact date that certain work will take place as we are dependent on the schedules of our contractors.   We work closely with our business partners to expedite projects wherever we can, adjusting schedules and resequencing work  to ensure that projects get completed.  While they are in town, we work closely with contractors and project abutters to solve problems that pop up to minimize disruptions.