Open Space and Recreation Planning Committee

The Hanover Open Space Committee was chartered to ensure that the town's rural character is maintained and enhanced both through protection of existing resources and acquisition of new properties.

The Open Space Committee meets regularly on the 1st Monday of each month at 7:00 pm at Hanover Town Hall.

Maps and Trails

Hanover Trail Locator Map

As per Hanover's General Bylaws #4-17, the Open Space Committee is made up of seven residents of Hanover, six of whom are citizens-at-large and one of whom is a member of the Conservation Commission. In addition, the committee shall also include two non-voting, liaison members, one each from the Planning Board, and Parks and Recreation Committee.

Board Members

Name Title
Mary Dunn Co-Chairman
Harold Thomas Co-Chairman
Robert Meader Member
John Ferraro Member
Julia Traggorth Member
Judy Grecco Member
Frank Sidoti Park and Recreation Liaizion
Duke Magoun Conservation Liasion