Regulations for the Use of Hanover Conservation Parcels

Land under the jurisdiction of the Conservation Commission and/or the Open Space Committee is open to the public for passive recreation only. Hiking, jogging, nature study, horseback riding, biking and fishing are encouraged. Please take note of postings/warning signs for the non-consumption of fish.

In using the Conservation/Open Space parcels owned by the Town of Hanover, you are exercising a privilege that is afforded you as a result of the dedication and hard work of several Town Departments including, but not limited to, the Conservation Commission, the Open Space Committee and the Department of Public Works. It is our hope that you enjoy your visit to these very special places.


To insure that others may enjoy the natural beauty and serenity of this land for years to come, please follow these regulations:

  • No motorized vehicles, (except those that qualify with all ADA requirements) are allowed on any Conservation/Open Space parcel other than within parking areas. This includes cars, trucks, RV's, ATV's, motorcycles, dirt bikes, scooters, or any other vehicle that has a motor or engine.
  • Plant materials, vegetation, cuttings, soils, etc., shall not be removed for any reason.
  • All trash and other materials brought into a site must be removed at the conclusion of an event.
  • No dumping of materials or infringement into protected wetlands.
  • No overnight camping or parking.
  • No open fires.
  • Stay on trails and away from stream banks.
  • DO NOT DISTURB or FEED the wildlife. Quiet observation will result in a richer experience. These areas serve not only as living and traveling areas for animal and insect wildlife, but also where natural vegetation grows for their food and protection.

Additional Note

Please be aware that Deer Hunting (with Bow and Arrow only) is allowed on the Clark Bog parcel and the Summer Street parcel during Deer Hunting Season only. Please contact the Conservation Staff or the Town Clerk at 781-826-5000 for seasonal dates of deer/bow hunting. The Town of Hanover provides the recreational use of Conservation Land free of charge to the public.

In accordance with the Massachusetts General Laws, Chapter 21, Section 7C, the Town is not liable for any injuries sustained to persons or property in their pursuit of recreational activities.