License Information and Resources

Licenses are obtained through the local Licensing Coordinator's Office. Select a license from the following list for information and requirements.  If you need assistance or do not see an applicable license, please contact Janet Tierney at 781-826-5000, ext. 1032.

Please note all applications will undergo Departmental Review.



Auto Lease / Rental License

Required to lease and rent motor vehicles or trailers for other motor vehicles

Automatic Amusement License 

Required for any business with coin operated amusement devices

Automobile License 

Class I, II, and III. Required for buying, selling, or exchanging new or second-hand vehicle or assembling second hand motor vehicles or parts thereof.  

Bowling Alley, Billiards, Pool or Sippio License

Required for any business with a billiards, pool, Sippio table or bowling alley

Carnival License

Required to host a Carnival

Entertainment License

Required for any business that will have entertainment including but not limited to: Radio, Jukebox, Music, TV, Plays, Theater, Shows, etc. Covers Monday- Saturday

Flammable & Combustible Solids

In accordance with provisions of M.G.L. c. 148 section 13 certain amounts of flammable and combustible liquids, flammable solids or flammable gases may be kept, stored, manufactured or sold without obtaining a license from the Hanover Board of Selectmen. However, a permit MUST be issued by the Hanover Fire Chief.

General License

Any license not covered under specific regulations

Junk Dealers License

Required to collect by purchase or otherwise, junk, old metals or secondhand articles from place to place

Liquor License

Required to be able to serve any alcoholic beverage. Licensed through the Alcoholic Beverages Control Commission

One Day Liquor License

Required for the sale of alcoholic beverages to the public for One Day Special Events

Sunday Entertainment License

Required for any business that will have entertainment on Sundays including but not limited to: radio, jukebox, music, TV, plays, theater shows, etc.