Hanover Open Space Map with Greenway Trail & Photographs

Below is a map of the developing Hanover Greenway Trail overlaid on the 1999 Hanover Open Space Plan map.  This map of the approximately 8.7 mile trail was developed with information provided by Doug Thomson.

Zoom-In to View the Map & Greenway Trail in Greater Detail

Below is a version of the above map indicating quadrants of the map.  Clicking on a quadrant will take you to an enlarged image of this area and allow you to see photographs taken along the route by simply clicking on the map.  These photographs were taken by Doug Thomson and the Open Space Committee along the developing Hanover Greenway and illustrate the beauty of Hanover and the amenity that this developing trail network provides to the community.  Click here to see photographs taken along the Greenway at Factory Pond and French's Stream.



Click here to download or save the above map (Greenway Trail Map) in Adobe PDF format (2 MB)
Click here to download the above map (1999 Open Space Map) without the Greenway Trail overlay (2 MB)