Hanover 300 - Master Plan

The Hanover 300 Master Plan is now complete!

Hanover 300 Master Plan is now complete! 

How should Hanover grow in the next 10 years? More sidewalks on main streets, affordable housing options for seniors, business development, and more dining options are just some of the changes Hanoverians have said they would like to see in town. 

Starting back in May, 2016 Hanover 300 held pop-up visits, surveys, and meet and greets to hear and give a voice to what the citizens of Hanover are looking for in their town. 

The Master Plan is an important tool for implementing strategies and goals for the planning of our community for topics such as housing, economic development, and transportation.

For more information contact Michaela Shoemaker, Town Planner, at 781-826-5000 x 1016 or visit Hanover 300.mapc.org