Master Plan Implementation Committee

  • The Hanover 300 Master Plan is now complete!

Do you live, work or own a business in Hanover? Are you interested in what Hanover will look like in 2028?

Starting in May 2016 Hanover 300 held pop-up visits, surveys, and meet and greets to hear and give a voice to what the citizens of Hanover are looking for in their town.   

The Hanover300 Master Plan guides the town by creating a common vision and plan of action for achieving that vision. The Hanover300 Master Plan encourages smart and well thought out development of new and existing conditions in topics such as housing, economic development, and transportation.

Hanover300 Master Plan was developed through the hard work of the Master Plan Committee as well as with the assistance of MAPC. Hanover300 includes a set of goals, policies, and strategies on topics including housing, economic development, historic and cultural resources, open space/recreation, transportation and more.

Staff Contacts

Board Members

Name Title
Emmanuel Dockter Chairman
John Barry Vice Chair
Ken Blanchard Member
Mary Dunn Member
Carol Mattes Member
Gabrielle Mahoney Member
Joan Port-Farwell Member
Robin McLaughlin Member
Donald White Member
Thomas Burke Member
Caleb Estabrooks Member
John Geary Member
Tom Cain Member
Jim Coulter Member
Steven Louko Member