Call Firefighter Selection Process

The HFirefighter hat and pad of paperanover Fire Department will employ a comprehensive screening, background investigation and selection process that assesses cognitive and physical abilities and typically includes review and verification of the following:

  • A comprehensive application for employment
  • Driving record
  • Reference checks
  • Employment eligibility
  • Information obtained from public internet sites
  • Financial history consistent with the Fair Credit Report Act
  • Local, state and federal criminal history record checks
  • Medical and psychological examination (only given after a conditional offer of Employment)
  • Generally, the selection process will proceed using the following process:
  • Review of Application for Employment
  • Complete CORI Checks
  • Written Test
    • Perspective candidates must achieve a grade of 70% or greater on the Written Test.
    • Individuals who have successfully passed a Massachusetts Human Resources Division (HRD) Civil Service Entry-Level Firefighter Examination and currently appear on said Examination List are exempt from this requirements
    • Applicants who successfully pass the Written Test will be interviewed
    • Perspective Applicants will be recommended to the Fire Chief for selection

Successful Applicants will be notified by the Fire Chief and be allowed to "run" as call firefighter candidates. Successful applicants shall serve in the capacity as a candidate for three (3) months.

Approved Call Firefighter Candidate Activities

  • Attend assigned call company meetings
  • Observe fireground activities
  • Observe assigned call company training
  • Call firefighter candidates are NOT authorized to:
    • Actively participate in emergency operations
    • Actively participate in practical training evolutions (unless authorized by a Chief Officer)
    • Ride in Department vehicles or apparatus
    • Receive Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)


  • Call firefighter candidates are NOT employees of the Town of Hanover. Candidates will receive no compensation.
  • Call firefighter candidates MUST respond to a minimum of 40% of the incidents as requested by company assignment. 

After the Call Firefighter Candidate completes the required three (3) months, a decision will be made by the Deputy Fire Chief and Call Station Officers whether to recommend to the Fire Chief that the candidate be offered a conditional offer of employment. Once the Fire Chief has provided the candidate with a conditional offer of employment, additional hiring procedures shall commence which will include:

  • Medical Evaluation
  • Psychological Evaluation
  • MA HRD sanctioned Physical Abilities Test

After successfully completing the above process, the call firefighter candidate will become a call firefighter recruit and an employee of the town. During this time, the recruit will be assigned to headquarters.